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How ELZA Optimizes Payment Transaction Processes

Increasing Security during Exchange of Payment Data with your Banks

Thinking of integration by efficient payment processes means nothing but secured data flows without media disruption. This is precisely the point that is provided with the use of ELZA. Designed and developed as SAP Add-on for electronic payment processes, ELZA raises the bar for fully integrated banking software. ELZA connects your SAP system and your bank accounts directly and allows you to supersede third party, non-SAP based software and its interfaces to your SAP system. By hand processes as regular up- and downloads can be automized. Consequently, the usage of ELZA leads to more centralized payment processes, which increases security and saves time.


Push & Pull – Full Authorization Control for Approval Processes

ELZA transmits approved payments via push mechanisms to your bank. At the same time, full compatibility with the SAP Bank Communication Management module (SAP BCM) is guaranteed. Nevertheless, clients who are having no SAP BCM licensed can also evolve all of ELZA's functionalities and enjoy the benefits of streamlined payment processes.

Regarding the receivables side, ELZA monitors and scans your bank's database to transmit bank statements and status reports via a simple pull method. You can administer and change the required intervals for the process quickly and at any time. ELZA applies the given information and provides them centrally for further processing.

Conclusion: ELZA is a flexible all-rounder in the field of payment processes. Our technically valuated, lean solution becomes the bridgehead of your SAP landscape to secure the perpetual connection to your bank. A tool fully integrated into your SAP architecture increases automatable processes related to your bank communication and its management.

Seamless, secure banking connectivity: System architecture with ELZA
Seamless, secure banking connectivity: System architecture with ELZA

ELZA Key Functionalities:

  • Central Platform for Execution of Payments: ELZA integrates bank communication seamlessly into the SAP environment, while the integration of non-SAP systems is possible, too. In consequence, ELZA can replace additional banking software completely.
  • Process Automation with Flexible Workflows: You can design and implement functionally driven approval processes as required. The customizing can be done individually for every customer and its specific circumstances. Digital signatures for final approvals and payment execution can be assigned automatically, of course.
  • Gapless Monitoring over the complete payment life cycle – from outstanding items to the bank account statement.
  • Transparencyimprovement regarding all potential issues connected to compliance and liabilities.
  • Connectivity via EBICS, SWIFT, Host-to-Host (H2H), and PSD2-readiness for different application programming interfaces (APIs).

Benefits: ELZA …

  • … plays its part to contribute to secure your payments,
  • … centralizes the reporting function of payment transactions,
  • … pushes process automation and
  • reduces risks and costs.
Paul Friedrich

Paul Friedrich

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Miklós Hegybiró

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