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IRMA – a Solution You Can Bank on

Process Reliability and Planning for Provisions

A Unique IKOR Product

The IKOR provisions managing tool IRMA helps you organize and automate provisions handling within an SAP® system. It provides a separate namespace, an elaborate authorization concept and consistent plausibility checks. Thus, IRMA can guarantee absolute process reliability, even across different accounting standards (IFRS, US-GAAP, GERMAN-GAAP, TAX Balance). In compliance with all legal requirements, of course.


The provisions managing Tool by IKOR - designed for use with SAP ERP

We have developed IRMA as an add-on for SAP ERP systems – creating the only solution of that kind on the market. IRMA acts as a sub-ledger to SAP-FI. Postings are automated via an integrated workflow, individual provision types create the connection to the general ledger, superseding postings in the general ledger.

Managing and Planning

The planned provisions manager meets the reporting obligations to regulatory authorities automatically. Actual data provide the basis for annual provision forecasts, as well as medium- and long-term planning. The IRMA planning versions allow a variety of analyses, such as target/actual and plan/plan-comparisons. These are kept separately – without affecting the general ledger.

IRMA Advantages

  • Sub-ledger to the SAP-FI general ledger and analogies to SAP-FI AA
  • Inventory management for all provision types
  • Independent handling of different valuation areas according to IFRS, US-GAAP, GERMAN-GAAP, TAX Balance
  • Automated postings to SAP-FI
  • Reporting, provisions analysis and reconciliation statement
  • Simulations with actual and target figures
  • Separate namespace, authorization concept, plausibility checks

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