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IFRS 16 as an SAP add-on - Integration at its best

Audit-proof leasing accounting in accordance with IFRS 16

The operating lease was recognized in the balance sheet as of 1 January 2019 and LISA is the most suitable SAP add-on. It maps your leasing accounting in a quick, reliable and transparent manner.

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From LISA directly into the General Ledger

LISA (Leasing according to IFRS 16 Accounting standards) is the only tailor-made solution on the market for this new reporting standard. Designed as a subledger in SAP-FI, LISA combines all services provided by SAP-Standard techniques with an extraordinary flexibility due to its customizable structure.

The workflow in LISA has a high degree of automation: It starts with a unified contract database and ends with the creation of your IFRS 16 notes. All business transactions as well as potential revaluations and modifications of the contract data are covered, of course. Besides lessee contracts, sub-lease and lessor contracts can also be recorded, processed and reported.

Standard software with the highest practical suitability

LISA's technical architecture is designed for flexibility and customizing. Our implementation projects are simple and free of technical surprises.
Let a non-binding webinar convince you how LISA is superior to common Excel-based solutions and whether the cost-benefit ratio justifies its use for your IFRS 16 processing!

LISA Key Benefits

  • Complete SAP integration
  • Mapping of all leasing contracts in accordance with IFRS 16
  • Process definition and optimization for a standardized and efficient processing of lease contracts
  • High data quality through numerous logic and consistency checks
  • Practical business transactions, simplification rules and options
  • Automated postings into the general ledger and sub-ledger
  • Connection of additional contract databases possible
Picture Process Leasing according to IFRS 16 Accounting standard
LISA (Leasing according to IFRS 16 Accounting standards)
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