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Digitalizing and optimizing accounting and corporate taxation

SAP add-ons from IKOR - successful for over 20 years

Finance and tax departments of large corporations as well as medium-sized companies are confronted with complex and far-reaching legal requirements on the one hand, as well as the pressure of time and cost on the other. Digitalization can be the solution - if it includes a clear focus on benefits and optimization.

Reduce risks and costs - Increase efficiency and transparency

We develop and implement standard software within the tax and accounting environment, the use of which precisely generate these benefits. It is the best instrument

  • to eliminate manual, administrative, redundant and error-prone activities
  • for revision and audit-proof work processes
  • to achieve full compliance with your accounting and tax system.

Operational excellence through the right applications

The accurate and complete implementation of legislation and regulations into our software products is a matter of course. Our strength is our ability to map your company's processes and legal interpretations with the standard application in such a way that your finance department can work in an ideal way. We combine content-related and professional with technical and procedural know-how in an exceptional way. Thus we always meet our customers at eye level and are a reliable partner throughout the entire life cycle of our software solutions. Therefore, a large number of companies of different sizes and from different industries rely on us and our products.

Deployment tailored to your individual needs

As extensive as our add-ons are on the content and process level, as lean they are in technical terms. They can be fully integrated into the SAP ERP and are easily and quickly implemented. It goes without saying that they meet all requirements for IT security, data protection, etc. We offer our products as on-premise installations and we also serve as a cloud provider. The price model is defined by license and maintenance but can also be designed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Our flexibility goes so far that the add-ons can also run in an ERP system other than SAP. For a risk-minimizing product launch, we always enable a Proof-of-Concept, the cost of which is manageable and - in the case of a subsequent launch - transferable.